Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's in your box? CSA Share Week 3

Contents do vary according to share size--if you have something that's not pictured, and want to ask questions about them, contact us! or comment on this post!
Some of the pictures are fuzzy--I didn't have very good lighting in the packing shed when I took them--if you want to view a larger version of the picture, just click on it!

Spinach--Great in salads, quiches, steamed, sauteed, and soups!

Broccoli--Only in the large shares this week.

Everybody received a sack of Red or Green Kale--great made into kale chips, sauteed or steamed!

Green Romaine & Red "frilly" lettuces.

Bok Choy--Large Shares only

Cilantro--small shares received Dill (it looks ferny and smells like a [dill] pickle). The dill is good in a salad, and cooked with fish etc.. I can't tell you what to do with the Cilantro because I hate it :)

Arugula--Spicy flavor, good tossed in salads (for added zest), and in pasta (like lasagna)

Green Onions--We eat them dipped in ranch salad dressing, folks saute them with their greens, or make an omelet.

Please share recipes you used this week in the comments section of this post--Thanks!

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