Friday, June 10, 2011

What's In Your Box? Week 5

Again I have to apologize for the quality of the picture, but I think I learned last week that it's better to just get it on here when I can rather than wait until I get covered up elsewhere and forget!
This week we've got some new items showing up in shares--sweet cooking onions, summer squashes, beet greens, and some shares have napa cabbages!

I think the only things you might have trouble recognizing are "pattypan squash" (the scalloped white "thing" in the top right of this picture), Beet Greens (which look similar to chard, but they have skinnier stems that are red). Dill is in both share sizes this week, and Snap Peas are really in! We have been harvesting lots of them, so the amounts are reflected in shares.

If you have any questions about your share, please let me know--I'm going to do my best to get recipes for zucchini bread, Napa Coleslaw, how to freeze snap peas etc.. live soon enough to use this weeks' share. If there's a vegetable you want help learning how to use, just ask and we'll feature recipes/instructions for it!

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