Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colvin Family Farm--May 16-22

Again, I'm late getting this out--by the time you all read this you have probably already seen us at market. Because it is so late, this will probably be one of the most "thrown together" newsletters yet as there are hundreds of little things that need done before we wrap up the day, with another early day coming up!

I hope that you all have had a great week--we look forward to seeing you again,

Adam Colvin
Colvin Family Farm (CNG)

Farm Update Week of May 16th-22nd, 2010


This has got to be one of the coolest pictures that I've got recently! It is a closeup of a ladybug eating an aphid! Ladybugs are one of the best bugs to have on your farm as they effectively control aphids, scales, and other detrimental insects on vegetable crops! This one happened to be noticed in a pile of harvested lettuce--it's funny how many farmers' buy these little insects, and we have to sort them out of our produce!

Greens Harvester

This week I've included several pictures of us harvesting your vegetables as I thought you might like to see a little bit on that end! This picture is me harvesting a bed of lettuce with our greens harvester. This machine is amazing as it will cut and hold six pounds of baby lettuce in thirty seconds!

Dad and the boys

This picture shows Dad and the little boys Luke (far right) and Levi (middle) as they clean your green onions together--real family farming in action!

Spinach Harvest

This is Isaac harvesting Spinach (he's in the back top left corner). We have over 600 feet of 3 foot wide beds filled with Spinach right now! Full of the best crop of Spinach we've ever had!

Spinach Washing

Here Caleb (left) is rinsing the Spinach--they will still need washed at your house, but this takes off most all of the mud and gives us some time to grade out any culls that we might find.

Spinach in cooler

Next it is brought into our walk-in cooler to be packaged into bags which are packed into cases which are packed into the van and brought to you at the market!

Flat Tire

This past week we hauled our tractor over to our leased acreage so that we could put in our warm weather crops (melons, sweet potatoes etc...). On our way over there we had a tire flat on our 16 foot flatbed trailer--This is a picture of Dad changing the tire on it with the rock that flatted the tire!

Flat Tire/Rock

No wonder it went flat! This rock was wedged all of the way through the tire!

Potato Patch

Again, this is a picture of our potato patch--I hope that  you aren't getting tired of seeing this patch over and over again, but it has amazed me each week how much that they've grown!

bouquetsead Lettuce

Butterhead lettuce was brought to market last Wednesday, and will be available tomorrow (if you're early).

Bee in Flower

In this picture I caught a bumblebee sipping nectar out of a wildflower next to our property line fence.

Boys and Dad with firewood

Dad and the little boys went out and cut firewood this past week in the "old brown truck." They came home with boquets of wildflowers for "momma."

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