Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Week At Colvin Family Farm

Howdy everybody!

I hope that you all will forgive me for putting all of these pictures in here, but I "got happy" with this new DSL Internet connection, and I really wanted you all to be able to "see" how the farm looks right now! Because of all of the pictures, I have less wording (or more like the same amount just spread out)--in this newsletter. I hope that you'll be able to get a good idea of how things are going with this update!

We are having a great early Spring season! We're pretty sure that we are past any damaging cold weather--which is one of Springs two major weather concerns--the other seems to be cooperating better than usual as well--the soil moisture--It's been allowing us enough time for planting, weeding and harvesting! Our produce is mirroring the great weather with lots of new growth--see below for details!

Thanks to all of you for supporting our farm--we hope that you enjoy the Spring--and our produce!

Adam Colvin
Colvin Family Farm (CNG)

This Week In Pictures!

Getting Ready To Plant!

Here we are getting ready to plant a BUNCH of our Brassicas (cabbage, broccoli, kale etc...) by getting the flats outside near the field. In the background the tractor has a 55 gallon barrel drum full of water to "water in" the plants.

Spinach Bed Coming Up!
After several months of waiting we finally have Spinach coming up (and in great abundance)! Altogether we have more than 300 feet of three foot wide raised bed!

Cabbage and 

Green Onion Beds

A picture of some Broccoli in the foreground, and Green Onions in the background.

Chard Bed
Our Chard is doing pretty well--we hope to have it in our CSA share boxes this weekend!

The Mustard greens are doing wonderful!

Lettuce Mix Bed
Our lettuce mix is always a hit at the farmers' market--here is a picture of a 120 foot long bed of it.
Lettuce Mix 


And a close-up shot of it (I love our new DSL connection!)

Turnip Greens

Turnip Greens in a bed.

Kale Close-up
Kale close-up

Kale Bed
Our main bed of kale

Beet Greens
Our Beet Greens are almost ready to harvest!

Arugula Bed
The bed of Arugula!


And a closeup of the Arugula.

Vetch Blossom
Vetch--this little fellow is one of the best cover crops available! He adds nitrogen and "green manure" to soils which gives a great boost to vegetable crops!


Coming Up!
Summer Squashes coming up!

Beans Coming Up!
Snap Beans are coming up too!

Potato Patch!
This patch of ground is full of Potatoes! Right at 3/4 of an acre, it is the largest patch of potatoes we've raised to date!

Blackberries Blooming!
With the blackberries blooming we are almost certainly done with our cold weather! We are tickled as it has been one of the best Springs for vegetable production in years!

Cool Delivery Truck!
This is our new Maryville Farmers' Market vegetable hauler! When you see it it will most likely have lost the pin striping and wacky looking running boards! The only reason we bought it is that it gets 20 miles a gallon and Astros are dependable and roomy.

Better Looking Delivery Vehicle
Practically another Astro, we also bought this little GMC Safari for hauling produce--this one will be used for the Market Square Farmers' Market and restaurant/grocery store deliveries.

Kale In Some Raised Beds
In our raised beds we have some kale growing--it is almost full size!

Also, we have Cilantro coming along!

As well as dill--hopefully within another week or two we will have these herbs at market!

Chive Blossoms
Our chives are blooming! These are one of the prettiest little herbs that there are! Hopefully we will be able to put these in our CSA shares soon.

Baby Butterhead

Baby Butterhead is coming along!

Asparagus Popping Out!
It is really neat to watch asparagus poke its head through the ground! This stuff grows fast! These will probably be 4-6 inches (harvestable size) in another day or two!

Garlic Beds
Our garlic beds--we've never raised garlic before, so it is exciting to see them grow! They are already almost calf high! We are watching for the little "scapes" to show up, and will be having them at market when they do!

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