Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colvin Family Farm--Week 14

Colvin Family Farm--Week 14

Sorry to all you blog readers that I didn't get this up last week!

It's been another long, hot, dry week on the mountain--we've been busy getting all of the Fall crops in, and we're trying to hold down the fort watering! I hope you all enjoy this week's newsletter--have a great weekend!

Adam Colvin

Colvin Family Farm Week 14

We've finally succeeded in getting great looking vegetable plants started in plug flats--something we've yet to do correctly with strict Organic methods, and which has slowed production on many crops this season. How? We used Johnny's Selected Seeds "512 compost based media."
This picture shows green leaf lettuce in the foreground with a grape tomato in the background.

7 days old

This is a picture of the same lettuce plants at 7 days from seed.

12 days old

This is a picture of them at 12 days old! They have just shot up! We are tickled to death with this media, and look forward to using it exclusively next year so that we can have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons etc...early on in the season!

Sick 8 week old Tomato

This is a shot of one of our tomato plugs started back 8 weeks ago. It shows a pretty good sample of what we have been getting with other Organic potting medias--it hasn't even grown past the first two "true" leaves...

Nice 12 day old Tomato that with this 12 day old "Beefy Boy" tomato! (notice the Fender 351 Heavy pick for sizing reference).

Solid flats of good lookin' plugs!

The flats of tomato plugs just look awesome!

Apple Pickin'

We were surprised and pleased to find one of the old apple trees actually had edible fruit on it this year (they're normally extremely wormy)!

Bag of Apples

They might not be the prettiest, but they sure taste great!

Morning Rainbow

We had a morning rainbow on the West side of our farm this week! We very seldom have rainbows in the morning, I can only remember two others over the past 10 years!

It was a double rainbow!

It was a full arch, and a double rainbow--look real close in the top left hand corner and you'll be able to see the second arch.


Mom snapped this picture of the chickens lined up and looking at her this week--I've tried to get a good picture of the chickens similar to this dozens of times with no luck--Mom was just in the right place at the right time.

Packing Carrots

Little Luke packing Carrots for your share this week--he does come in handy every now and again!

One last shot!

I couldn't help slipping in one last picture of the plants in the greenhouse--we are so tickled to have overcome one of the toughest problems we've run into raising organic produce--thanks go to Adrian from Place of the Heart Farm, and Bob Due of Terraced Garden Farm for bringing this mix to our attention!

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