Friday, March 16, 2012

Finished planting

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Hello folks!
Even with an extremely wet Spring thus far, we are keeping busy in the fields and greenhouses! Working ground, planting seeds, transplanting, building greenhouses, purchasing supplies, and working on equipment have been our big projects this month--hopefully we'll eventually have a break in the rainy weather that will let us finish up with our first round of Spring plowing.

Our Spring Farm Day will be Saturday, May 19th, 2012--we hope you can come!

We hope you all are having a great Spring--thanks for your support, we can't wait for the season to get in full swing!

Adam Colvin

March at Colvin Family Farm:

Planting Ginger!

A first year crop for us, we started the "pre-sprouting" process of our Ginger crop this month. We can't wait to see how this grows for us in East TN!

Maple Trees Budding

The Red Maple trees are budding out all over the place adding a beautiful tinge of red to the wooded areas of the mountain.

Maple Buds

A closeup shot of a Red Maple bud.

Garlic Bed

A shot of a garlic bed--I can't believe how quickly it's growing!

Garlic patch

The garlic patch showing several beds growing--before long it's going to be one big sea of green garlic tops!

A stormy month!

We have had a stormy month with several severe storms in the area--we are thankful that the worst we can complain about is "too much rain."


And there is always a bright spot to even a rainy day :)

First Tomato!

In the greenhouse this month we had our first tomatoes come up--this heirloom variety: "Pineapple," should provide at least a dozen two pound yellow & red tomatoes that will make you wish wish all other varieties were outlawed!


The transplants have continued to grow...


....until they were ready to get set out!

Truck load of Cabbage!

A truck load of cabbage transplants ready to haul to the new farm.

Working together

Working together to plant the first crop (Cabbage) on our new farm!

Isaac with a load of transplants

Isaac with a flat of cabbage.

Isaac and Titus working on the cabbage

Isaac and Titus planting green Cabbage.

Peach blossom

A peach bloom...we don't raise much tree fruit yet, but we do enjoy the few trees we have.

Canadian Goose

A pair of Canadian Geese showed up on the farm pond yesterday.

That's it for this month--thanks for reading,--join us on facebook for more pictures, regular status updates, and to "interact" with us!

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